Tablet users love news but hate paying for it, study says

Tablet users read more news than others. But they’re not interested in paying for it.

This is according to a joint study conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism and The Economist Group. The research reveals that 11% of (American) adults own a tablet such as Apple’s iPad and that 77% of tablet owners user their device daily, spending an average of 1.5 hours with the gadget.

67% of tablet users surf the web daily, 54% use their device for email, and 53% use them to get news. The latter number is particularly interesting because it’s really quite high. This should be a positive sign for the ailing news industry, but are these users willing to pay for content on their tablets?

Unfortunately for publishers, just 14% of news readers have paid directly for content. 23% have a subscription to a print newspaper or magazine that enables “free” digital access. Just one in five news consumers said they would be willing to spend money to access news on their tablet—but only up to $5 per month.

While more and more news publications are adding apps, 40% of news readers still get their content via the web browser primarily, and 31% said they use the web and apps equally, with just 21% primarily using apps.

93% of tablet owners use their device for social networking, and, somewhat surprisingly, just 30% use them for gaming. 17% read books and 13% watch movies.