Tablets in the workplace to become ubiquitous: Study

Toronto’s IDC Canada released a study recently that projected the growing popularity of tablets for the enterprise.

A senior analyst of Canadian digital media and emerging technology wrote the paper. Krista Napier noted that this year has largely seen businesses testing and exploring tablets and how they might be used in the corporate realm. It is believed that next year will see a sharp rise in actual rollouts.

Some businesses would rather ignore the trend—but will have to face it regardless, Krista affirmed. Smartphones, soon enough, will no longer cut it.

As usual, security is a concern when it comes to the widespread adoption of mobile devices in the workspace. IT departments will need to include tablet usage in their IT policy, lest they “open up a pandora’s box.”

IDC’s study also suggests a shift in the wireless market due to the increased tablet adoption rate. More tablet-specific data plans and more tethering is apt to occur.

No one tablet appears right for all enterprises—the RIM’s PlayBook, for example, retains the famous BlackBerry security, while the Apple iPad 2’s myriad medical-related apps make it a natural fit for the healthcare sector.