Tablets Versus Laptops: It’s Not a Zero-Sum Game

Despite early adopters heralding the end of the laptop, new study indicates that tablets are still a long way from replacing them.

According to ABI Research, 16% of consumers surveyed in an ongoing tracking study plan to buy a media tablet in the first half of this year, while 33% plan to buy a notebook.

“Consumers are holding on to home PCs longer,” says ABI’s Consumer Research Group Director Jeff Orr. “This has created a near-term opportunity for the incremental purchase of media tablets.”

So-called “Ultrabooks” have provided a modest surge in the popularity of laptops, which still boast many practical functions over tablets, including a full physical keyboard, more processing power, and larger screens. ABI says consumer interest remains strong for these sleeker devices, although it’s worth noting that many of their improvements—thinner, longer batterys, instant-on—are tablet features.