Tagga Media promotes mobile site builder

The folks at Vancouver’s Tagga Media believe that a large percentage of website visitors are having their very first interacton with new sites on their mobile device.

In a press release earlier today Tagga CEO Amielle Lake concludes that “Mobile is becoming the ‘first screen’, or a user’s primary means of accessing content on the Internet. There is immediacy to it.”

With the mobile web growing 148% last year and new smartphone products constantly entering the market, she’s most definitely right. Which means if your company’s site doesn’t look good on a smartphone, you’re likely losing business because of it.

Tagga has announced that the next generation of their mobile website builder is now available as part of their Agency Platform.

The mobile website builder makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to create, maintain, and report on mobile optimized websites. Templates and widgets are available for non-technical users to quickly and easily customize their business’ mobile web presence. The advanced mode provides creative flexibility for CSS and HTML programmers to integrate their designs with the Tagga optimization and testing tools.

Vancouver is becoming a web-mobilizing hotbed with competitors Mobify and Nitobi’s PhoneGap also providing publishers and developers the tools they need to offer a mobile site.