Tagga Partners with airG to Launch Mobile Advertising Offering

Earlier this week fellow Vancouver companies Tagga and airG announced a strategic partnership to leverage the strength of each other’s products and partner on mutually beneficial marketing initiatives. 

Specifically, Tagga will be reselling airG’s rich mobile social advertising inventory and airG will resell Tagga’s cross-channel campaign software and services.

“We are excited about launching this partnership”, said Amielle Lake, CMO & Founder, “it allows us to offer a global advertising product to our growing client base”. Lake added, “With mobile advertising, we can dramatically extend the reach of any campaign and demonstrate even better engagement rates. airG’s targeting capabilities are first class in the industry.”

The reach Lake speaks of is impressive – airG delivers more than 30 million brand messages a day via banners, video pre-roll, SMS, product placement, and contests.  And airG users are extremely engaged, spending more than 77 minutes a day communicating, interacting and playing social games on airG with their friends.

This week’s announcement simply formalizes a budding relationship.

Last winter the two companies collaborated on a campaign to drive registrations for Red Bull’s Quebec Crashed Ice Event and earlier this summer Lake and airG Director of Mobile Advertising Omar Kaywan toured the Pacific Northwest sharing new cross-channel marketing techniques with brands and advertising agencies.