Tagga.com – Bookmarking in the Real World

If you attended the Techvibes Start-Up Career Fair a couple weeks ago, you got a chance to hear from a panel of Vancouver start-ups including a company called Tagga.com. CEO Amielle Lake gave her elevator pitch and outlined some of the open positions they’re trying to fill. To date Tagga.com has been super-stealth but I managed to get a few more minutes with them on the phone this week.

In short, Tagga.com is bookmarking in the real world. Imagine bookmarking interesting things in the offline world (restaurants, real estate listings, used cars for sale, etc.) using your mobile phone and short codes the same way you do online with bookmarking sites such as del.icio.us. That’s the essence of Tagga.com.

What differentiates Tagga.com from others in this space? Their platform will lower the cost and time constraints of setting up a mobile marketing campaign and enable pretty much anybody to participate. Unfortunately that’s the secret sauce, so I can’t say much more.

Tagga.com has raised a “healthy seed round” from Angels and are looking at a late-summer launch date. If you’re interested in being part of their Beta launch, be sure to register online.