Take Your Customer To Work Day

Toronto’s Sean Hazell is organizing Take Your Customer To Work Day for May 28th. It’s a chance for organizations to open up their doors and invite customers into the workplace to meet employees and better understand how their business works.

Why should my business participate?

Transparency builds trust. Trust is at an all-time premium given today’s economy. This initiative demonstrates the respect your company has for your customers. It offers them the opportunity to get to know your business a little better, and in the process lets you get to know your customers a little better. It makes your business more human, and your people more real.

How can it work for my company?

There’s no specific right way to Take Your Customer To Work. Whether you’re in an office, factory or retail space – what’s important is you give your customer a behind the scenes glimpse of what you do; have your people represent your brand for the day; and let customers see for themselves what truly makes your company special.

So far five companies have committed including Las Vegas’ Zappos.com, Toronto’s Steam Whistle Brewing, and Vancouver’s AdHack.com.

Interested in participating?  Let them know you’re in.