Takin’ VC Money (Money, Cash IPOs) – A Startup Rap from Cardinal’s Cory Smith

Today at Grow, Cory Smith performed his latest rap, “Takin’ VC Money (Money Cash IPOs)” just after lunch. This latest song from Smith comes after his previous hits, One More Thing and Developers which have over 40,000 listens. After One More Thing appeared on TechCrunch, Smith was flown down to perform at the iOS Intelligence Party at WWDC 2011.

“These songs have been a really fun way to combine my two favourite things, music and startups.” says Smith, lead mobile developer. “I’m lucky that my co-founders at Cardinal don’t mind me rapping all day.”

Takin’ VC Money (Money Cash IPO’s) by Smixx


this song is dedicated
to all the startups out there
staying caffeinated
pulling all nighters
and trying to launch something amazing
maybe we can meet up with Ashton Kutcher
see if we agree on some plans for the future
have a drink with Fred Wilson
see if we can sign a deal
or you think Seqouia's gonna find another 40 mil
It'd be great to secure some investment ends
straight from seeds to 10x dividends
Never complacent, you say exit?  we say yes
now we're in the basement
working with Node.js
While half these other rappers
chase broads
and sip on hennesey
we're tailing our logs
and drinking 5 hour energy!
3 AM whiteboards and lightbulb moments
this is our time
right now so we should own it
I long for delivering
and its prod we get it in
and we have no problem with the thought of pivoting
we know what our vision is
and we don't want to waste it
we remain driven so we
continue to chase it
might as well send an note to mashable and techcrunch
maybe get an article 
that posted by the next lunch
time to get the word out
we're ready for beta
limited at first so our servers
don't crater
yeah we've got swag
but its the bad stuff from conferences
you better skip the bag
I'll just carry my accomplishments
hooked up with Dealmaker
and now we're live at GROW Conf
prepping for a great night
and hanging at the GROW launch
and tonight you know we'll brush shoulders // we will brush shoulders
with some angels
not charlies kind
but the ones with the bank rolls
that believe in our team
and also see our market fit
excited by our dream
and they need to be a part of it
if you haven't heard of us yet
we can flip you our deck
we'll trade a cheque for convertible debt
I said...if you haven't heard of us yet
we'll trade a cheque for convertible debt