Talkin’ ‘bout my generation: Young tech entrepreneurs invited to 2011 National Business and Technology Conference

Innovation isn’t an activity — it’s a mindset.

That’s the takeaway from the 2011 National Business and Technology Conference, which will bring together over 400 students from many of Eastern Canada’s top universities.

Young entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals will all be attending the 2011 NBTC for two days of innovation and thinking outside the box. From March 18–19th, the MaRS Collaboration Centre will host this exciting conference with the aim of inspiring and motivating the next generation of Canadian business leaders.

Along with those loftier ambitions, the 2011 NBTC will provide concrete opportunities for networking and professional development. Students will get to know each other as well as attending experts from industry-leading corporations like RIM, IBM and others. They will also get to compete with one another in a consulting case and business plan competition judged by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants and RIM respectively. Students will gain new insights and experiences both from hands-on workshops and presentations led by the impressive roster of speakers.

The 2011 NBTC is part of MaRS’ Nspire Innovation Network. The NBTC actually founded Nspire in 2009, and since then Nspire has made it their mission to provide the motivation, inspiration and tools that future leaders need to succeed. The NBTC events are one aspect of Nspire efforts to meet those goals, in addition to other events and initiatives.

Early bird pricing for the 2011 NBTC is still available, and will be until March 8th. You can register for the 2011 NBTC here, and can also keep up to date on Twitter with the #NBTC11 hashtag.