Talking A Lot With Rogers TalkSpot

Here’s a newer, cheaper way to call your parents to ask for money for pizza and beer (and, um, textbooks, if you’re so inclined). Rogers Talkspot, marketed at the university student set, allows you to use unlimited calling with your cellphone for $20 a month when calling from a WiFi hotspot you set up in your crib. Not a bad deal. Works with Blackberry Pearls as well — not really standard student kit, but it’s nice to know us techie professionals out of school for a mortality-reminding long time have options, too.

A nice feature for the young ones who are setting off to campuses as far away from their family as possible is the ability to keep your current cell phone number. The $20 a month includes local and long-distance calling. And you aren’t limited to calling from your own hotspot, of course. As with a large number of other commodities, you’ll be able to mooch off your friends by using their hotspot that they’ve set up

Hmmmm… this strategy looks like a bit of a sneaky way for Rogers to build a real following on campuses, since that feature won’t work too well if no one else in your social group picks it up. We’ll see if their clever plan pays off with customer loyalty.