Tatango.TV – Stupid or Clever marketing idea?

On March 1st, Seattle startup Tatango will be launching Tatango.TV – an uncensored, live 24/7 look into their growing startup. To do this, they’ve installed video cameras in their reception area, conference room, marketing bullpen, hallways and Founder & CEO Derek Johnson’s office, with plans to expand cameras to every inch of the Tatango office.

Think MTV’s Real World, but with young entrepreneurs as the cast, no producers, and zero editing. Check out the trailer:



Look out for their new Tatango.TV website on March 1st – it will also include employee biographies, photos and status updates from employee Twitter accounts. As well as short videos captured outside the office on their Flip portable video camera.

Johnson closes the trailer video with “this could be the stupidest idea we’ve ever had at Tantago” – I think not.

In today’s economy, startups need to do whatever it takes to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace and this stunt will no doubt attract both new users and maybe a potential investor along the way.