Tatango Gives Groups a Voice

Seattle-based Tatango recently announced the launch of Tatango Voice, which lets groups easily communicate with all members via a voice call sent everyone in the group. As with Tatango’s group SMS offerings, Tatango Voice is completely free to use. How? Tatango appends 7 second interactive advertisements to the beginning of each voice call. This still seems like a small price to pay for the convenience and speed of the service compared to the time required by phone trees. It is easy to see how it could be a helpful service for team coaches, politicians, bands, or employers.

A group leader records his or her message, and then all group members are alerted of the incoming message simultaneously with an SMS. They then reply “CALL” to retreive the voice message at their convenience.

“Text messaging is great for certain types of group messages, but sometimes a group needs a little more room to convey their message” says Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango. “By adding voice to our existing group communication tools, we’ve developed the most complete, powerful, and user-friendly system with which to communicate with any group, no matter what type of message.”

Tatango has sent over 30 million messages since their private launch in October 2007. Tatango is currently only available in the United States.