Ink Less Reliant on Paper as Software Starts to Eat Tattoo Industry

Every profile I’ve written comes back to a central theme: software eating the world in its own unique way.

FounderFuel graduate Tattoo Hero fits that theme perfectly. The tattoo industry is one of the most interesting in the world, a close-knit and tightly woven collective that is as open and beautiful on the inside, as it seems mysterious and vaguely threatening for some on the outside.

Tattoo artists are warm and intelligent, and generally awesome people, but it’s hard to find them if you’re not attuned to the culture.

It’s also surprisingly traditional for something considered cutting-edge. A lot of tattoo artists keep their records on paper, a book that becomes the be-all and end-all of all records.

One artist lost as many as six months worth of sales because his book was lost in a fire. With no other record of clients that had booked with him, he had lost about six months worth of preorders—many thousands of dollars in losses.

It is Tattoo Hero that has come to the rescue. Software has come to eat the tattoo industry, providing things such as data backup and online ordering we have taken for granted to an industry that still does not. The team has a broader vision of becoming a lifestyle brand, but for now, they’re laser-focused on making premier software that makes the business of tattoos easy. 

In creating a software platform that suits the needs of tattoo artists and those looking for tattoos, Tattoo Hero is opening the industry up, and making it more accessible for all.

A discovery engine of thumbnailed tattoos helps tattoo seekers find patterns and artists others like, making for an easy introduction to what might otherwise be an obscure world.

It’s not the only thing Tattoo Hero has done to open the industry up. The platform has just recently come up with a feature that allows for online booking. While it’s being refined, it’s already getting results: surprised tattoo shop owners are quickly getting orders from people they had never heard from before.

They’re working on a full-service offering that automates many of the tasks tattoo artists have been doing on paper, from scheduling to bookkeeping. They’ve even created a notification system that will automatically remind clients who signed up

The magic of it all has changed how tattoo artists work. One of them has even been able to see their children now: they used to spend ten hours a week doing bookkeeping. Now the process has been automated, freeing up their time for what matters.

This ease of use, and solving an array of pain points has definitely helped Tattoo Hero along. They’ve achieved 36.6% month-on-month growth of tattoo shops subscribed to their service. They were one of the few startups to get an invite to the prestigious Alpha Program of the Web Summit, where they will be one of 25 startups selected worldwide to exhibit for free.

Tattoo shops have started signing up out of the blue, driven by word of mouth in a close-knit community. The future looks bright for Tattoo Hero.

It hasn’t always been this way. At first, artists were somewhat reluctant to change. Now that they’ve seen how easy it can be to integrate software into their lives, and the value it can provide them, tattoo artists are rushing to join the software revolution.

Software is eating the world, and Tattoo Hero is at the forefront of it all.