TC Media the First Canadian Magazine Publisher to Present Audited Multichannel Reports

TC Media is the first Canadian magazine publisher to release Consolidated Media Reports (CMR) to demonstrate the overall reach of their brands across media channels including print, web, mobile, e-newsletters, apps, and social media. CMRs for three of their leading brands Elle Canada, Canadian Living and The Hockey Newsare available now from the Alliance of Audited Media.

These custom reports combine all media platforms allowing publishers to report on everything from text alerts to app metrics to Facebook Likes. All data in these reports are audited by the AAM in the same way the print circulation is verified giving it the necessary credibility needed for media buyers and advertisers.

 “The CMR is a completely new way for us to report data by bringing to light the evolution of our leading consumer magazines into multiplatform media brands and showcasing their total footprint,” commented Chris Purcell, vice president of consumer marketing at TC Media. “Moving forward, we see this new offering from the AAM as the industry standard, and we wanted to be at the forefront of this change in Canadian publishing.

In addition to providing advertisers with a better understanding of the entire brand reach, the Consolidated Media Report marks a shift in how the print industry see themselves in the ever-growing multimedia landscape.

The Brand Universe metric suggests that publishers are starting to take down the walls that have divided old (print) and new (digital) media and are beginning to understand the importance of audience value across all of their brand properties be it social network, mobile app or the paper magazine. 

This shift is in-line with Canadian consumer habits with comScore recently giving Canada the top ranking for online engagement: our smartphone penetration now at 62% of the mobile market, and our magazine readership up from last year at 1.04 million from 0.98 million according to PMB.

The multimedia focus also echoes the findings of a new study by Time Warner who found that during nonworking hours digital natives are switching platforms every other minute after studying 300 hours worth of people’s use of TV, Web, tablet, smartphones and print media.

Reflecting the depth of the entire brand is not something new in the USA. The AAM reported that more than 100 titles are now using the CMR report including Popular Science, the first consumer magazine to create a CMR, and The Economist who released the first weekly magazine report of this kind back in April of 2012.

Here in Canada, the National Post was the first newspaper to start to provide this type of transparency.

In the coming year, the total universe for other brands in the TC Media portfolio will also be released in the same format. The reports are expected to be updated on a six-month basis and will incorporate new platforms as they become available.

TC’s commitment to new platforms was recently displayed with the launch of iPad magazines for many of their leading brands in December of 2012, as well as their recent launch of Windows 8 apps powered by Polar Mobile. 

The three available TC Media CMRs showcase digital data for the month of December 2012. Highlights include:

Canadian Living

  • Total brand universe: 3,801,949
  • Total average paid and verified circulation: 513,027
  • Total page views on 9,599,631
  • Total mobile media page views: 164,679
  • Total e-newsletters subscribers opt-in: 594,028
  • Special interest publications: 50,224 average single-copy sales

ELLE Canada

  • Total brand universe: 493,640
  • Total average paid and verified circulation: 130,722
  • Total page views on 1,219,331
  • Total mobile media page views: 157,015
  • Total e-newsletter subscribers opt-in: 89,054
  • Facebook: 35,070 likes
  • Twitter: 24,812 followers

The Hockey News

  • Total brand universe: 414,369
  • Total average paid and verified circulation: 100,058
  • Total page views on 1,300,763
  • Total mobile media page views: 1,323,371
  • Facebook: 32,703 likes
  • Google+: 78,865 circle members
  • Twitter: 125,904 followers