TD Bank Launches Real-time Money Management App

TD Bank today announced it has begun its roll-out of TD MySpend, a new real-time money management app – a first in Canadian digital banking.

A companion to the TD app for iPhone or Android, TD MySpend makes it easier for customers to track their spending habits from their eligible TD bank accounts and TD credit card accounts with instant notifications on how and where they’re spending their money.

The TD MySpend app is a result of an exclusive partnership with Movencorp.

Starting today, customers with Android devices can download the TD MySpend app and also update to a new version of the TD app, needed to work in conjunction with TD MySpend. An iOS version of the TD MySpend app and the new version of the TD app for iPhone will be available soon.

“Money management can be a daunting, time-consuming task with a negative focus on missed targets,” added Rizwan Khalfan, Chief Digital Officer, TD. “TD MySpend encourages customers to live their lives by empowering them with real-time knowledge of where their money goes and therefore enabling them to monitor their spending habits and help improve their financial well-being.”

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The TD MySpend app securely links to a customer’s TD bank accounts and TD credit card accounts in order to analyze their transaction history. A traffic-light coloured Spending Insights meter updates in real-time with each transaction to provide a quick snapshot of whether a customer is above, at, or below their typical monthly spending habits.

The app also automatically downloads approximately a year’s worth of transaction history from these accounts and categorizes each of them, with the added flexibility to switch between categories as needed, eliminating the hassle of having to manually enter expenses and link up accounts. Users will also receive instant notifications of purchases with digital virtual receipts.