TD Insurance Offers Protection For Online Stupidity

I think some of you loyal Techvibes commentors can relate to this next study about accountability when it comes to your online comments.

A recent TD Insurance poll found that a majority (67%) of Canadians, and yes this time 67% would qualify as such, have posted online comments and out of that number, 18% regretted the content they posted (although many people still didn’t believe they were accountable for their views expressed online).

While the trend in the U.S. is moving towards suing online bloggers, message-board posters, social network users and yes, even Twitter users that step out-of-line, this study raises the question of how Canadians can protect themselves from their online words? Well, apparently TD now offers insurance (ha?) under their home policy umbrella that would cover such online incidents.  Henry Blumenthal, the VP of TD Insurance says they’re just trying to keep up with the changing technological times.

The way we communicate is constantly evolving and it’s important for other areas of our lives to keep up, including our insurance policies. A good rule of thumb when you’re posting online is to ask yourself, how would I feel if this was printed in the newspaper with my name next to it?

What else did the study reveal?  

More than half of respondents who post online do it to share their opinion about an experience (53%) or weigh in with their thoughts on an article or online entry (52%). Nearly a quarter (23%) vent frustration about a company, product or experience and a small percentage (5%) discuss their jobs or employers online. The old adage about Canadian politeness may hold true online, with only 6% admitting to gossiping. Not surprisingly, younger Canadians (18 – 34 year olds) are more likely than their older counterparts to have posted online comments at 89%.

Interestingly, men are more likely than women to have posted a comment in an online forum and young Canadians also admit to being more liberal in their online comments than older people. Any comments?