Idea of Teaching Kids Coding in Elementary and High School Slowly Gaining Traction in Canada

It’s slow going but the teaching of coding to schoolchildren in Canada is finally catching on.

According to an article by The Canadian Press, schools across the country are executing on the idea that teaching coding at a young age is catching on. Schools like River Valley Middle School in Grand Bay-Westfield—which is slated to be featured in an upcoming documentary called “Code Kids”—are making it their mission to have every single student exposed to computer programming.

“Everything in the world now is computers and everything is programming. I’m not saying every kid is going to be a programmer, don’t get me wrong, but every kid has got to be exposed to it,” Leroy Vincent, a technology and art specialist at the middle school, told CP. “We want to make sure every kid understands what it is and if they understand what it is they’ll know whether they’re interested or not.”