TeamPages bound for Mainland

Victorian born is making the move from it’s Vancouver Island roots to the mainland and I’m excited to announce that they’ll be sharing Techvibes’ new office space starting July 1st. We made a move two floors up earlier this month to the 5th Floor of 1122 Mainland Street in Yaletown and the view is great. Electronic Arts is finishing up their two floor heritage building addition directly across the street, finally giving them a Yaletown address to call home and the new Earl’s looks to open kitty-corner by the end of the summer. If you’re a regular reader of the Techvibes blog, you know that TeamPages and Techvibes are distant cousins. Boris Wertz and his W Media Ventures is invested in both start-ups and we look forward to his weekly tutelage when he’s not in Edmonton guiding Nexopia though the social networking waters. Welcome to Vancouver TeamPages!