Stockholm’s Ericsson to Open $1.3 Billion Tech Centre in Montreal, Creating 60 Jobs

Telefon AB LM Ericsson has announced plans to build a 131,000-square-foot cloud computing centre in Montreal.

The $1.2 billion project is expected to create more than 60 engineering and research jobs in Canada, according to Quebec Premier Pauline Marois.

Quebec will provide $10 million in non-reimbursable assistance to Ericsson. The facility will house the Stockholm-based company’s research and development operations in the cloud space, as well as remote customer support.

“The future of Quebec and the greater Montreal area relies on the knowledge base, the training opportunities and the skills available locally,” Ms. Marois said in a statement. “And I welcome the establishment of Ericsson’s new global ICT centre and see this as an example of what Quebec has to offer and a sign of confidence in our economy.”

Ericsson has 3,100 employees in Canada. Roughly 1,400 of them are located in Quebec.