Tech leaders of tomorrow to meet in Waterloo


We all know that Waterloo, Ontario has been home to cool tech start-ups headed up by Research In Motion.  And it doesn’t look like anything is going to stop it.

Enter EPIC (Educate, Promote, Inspire and Connect).  epic

EPIC is a new initiative headed by a team of student leaders from the top tech schools across Canada. More than an organization, EPIC is a platform that will serve students interested in exploring technology and ideas.  As Jaclyn Konzelmann, EPIC’s president explains,“We realized that we loved discussing technology and how it can be used to solve modern problems. Our meetings are always fun events where we watch the latest tech demos and discuss the newest tech startups. Wanting more, we launched EPIC this summer [2009] to Educate, Promote, Inspire, and Connect students with a passion for technology.” 

EpCon 2010, EPIC’s inaugural student tech conference, will be held this January 15-16 in Waterloo. The conference will challenge 250 students from high schools, universities and colleges to think about where technology is headed next.

EPIC aims to become a place where industry and students meet to collaborate. The group has already connected with technology leaders, including Michael Lee, Chief Strategy Officer for Rogers Communications and Steven Woods, Site Director of Google Waterloo, both of whom serve on EPIC’s advisory board.

The student-led group wants to focus not just on technology, but also on using technology to solve problems. For instance, one of EPIC’s projects is to produce a toolkit to introduce non-profit organizations to free software that can help make their operations more cost-effective.

Look for Techvibes to provide thorough coverage of this inaugural event.