Tech Rev Innovators announced at Smart Technologies yesterday

The Tech Rev Innovators award is a newly launched recognition platform to shine the spotlight on local technology companies. We have some great things going on in the Calgary tech community and having a new award that recognizes them is a nice addition to the scene.

Mayor Dave Bronconnier gave a brief introduction to the awards, saying the City of Calgary fully supports innovation in the tech sector (should we ask him to put his money where his mouth is?). His introduction was followed up by the always entertaining Jim Colvin, CEO of Urban Dispatch Logistics. Seriously, if you need an MC for an event, look no further than Jim.

Jim kept the announcement of the awards quite brief – which was perfect for an afterwork event. The ten companies selected were Solium Capital Online, Tynt Multimedia, Oncolytics Biomedical, Evoco, CoolIT Systems, Print Audit, Replicon, Circle Cardiovascular Imaging, 3esi and SMART Technologies.

I really appreciated the variety of the recipients. The companies selected reflect every stage in the growth cycle, from pre-revenue to leadership. Tech Rev had a great turnout even though the Calgary International Film Festival was last night as well. Kudos to Tech Rev and the event sponsor, MTech for recognizing leaders in our community. Looking forward to seeing who the next recipients are.