Tech Trends report suggests new wave of tech expertise will be valuable for future job seekers

IBMAmerican tech titan IBM recently revealed data from its latest Tech Trends survey. In it, IBM says the job skills of the future shift from the present day, to include smartphone savviness, and cloud computing expertise. According to the survey results, a majority of business technology specialists expect that, within five years, more business software will be developed for smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry) and tablet computers (iPad, PlayBook) than for traditional office systems (PCs, Macs). Quoth The Province:

And some 91 percent of the 2,000 respondents from 87 countries agreed that within five years it will be more popular for companies to use programs offered online as services than for firms to manage in-house computer networks.

“I think the social implications are going to be huge,” IBM vice president of alliances Mark Hanny said while discussing the survey findings with AFP. “It is important for people to embrace technology; it is a key determent in all kinds of professions.”

“Mobile devices are putting a lot more power into the actual users’ hands,” he added. “In a way, we are empowering professionals in all kinds of careers to get and leverage information they need to get their jobs done. We are going to see a major change in how software is developed and by whom. If you were a young kid in college right now you might want to start thinking about knowing how to do software for mobile devices.”