TechCrunch50 versus DEMO – take your pick

The TechCrunch50/DEMO Conference feud continues thanks to the DEMO Conference organizers upping the ante with a $1 Million online advertising package being awarding to the top enterprise and consumer technologies.

Not surprisingly, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington is steamed and has promised to double the prize package offered by the DEMO Conference.

Unlike last year, attendees no longer have to pick one event over the other as they no longer fall on the same date. With TechCrunch50 taking place on September 14-15th in San Francisco and DEMO the following week in San Diego on September 21-23rd, most assumed the similar startup pitch events could both survive.

Not if it’s up to Arrington – he still argues that DEMO’s $20K “pay-to-pitch” is bad all-around. Startups get gouged when they are most vulnerable AND attendees get shortchanged as well with the presenting company lineup full of those with the means to pay instead of the best startup ideas.

So, will any of our readers be attending either event in September?