Technology Predictions 2010 – Deloitte

Every year for the past 8 years, the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Global Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Group publishes their predictions for the technology, media and telecommunications sectors.  2010 is their 9th years in publishing these predictions. 

In their technology predictions for 2010 they listed seven predictions:

  1. The Arrival of Net Tablets
  2. Moore’s Law in 2010
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Virtual Desktop Infrastructures
  5. IT Procurement
  6. CleanTech
  7. From Grey to Green: Technology reinvents cement.

For information on these and other predictions please refer to

One of these predictions we found to be very interesting and insightful (given the upcoming event this week!)

  • The Arrival of Net Tablets.

Now, net tablets have been around for years.  However, with all the buzz over the past few months, especially over the past few weeks, over Apple’s apparant announcement on their new tablet the conversation about tablets in general has returned.  Deloitte predicts that the net tablet will not threaten PC or smartphone manufactures.  Their report states, “PC-like text or data entry would be cumbersome, and netTabs are not portable enough to replace a phone-sized device.  In fact, if netTabs develop as a viable market, PC makers are more likely to be able to succeed with the tablet form factor rather than with smartphones.”

However, look at the tablet to be a eReader killer.  Here’s an amazing example of why Deloitte and many others feel the eReaders time has come and will soon be gone:

Here’s what Deloitte has to say about the above video: “Reading eBooks on a tablet would be similar to using eReader, but the added value of a colour scren and the ability to display video could make the multifunction netTab the 8-inch device of choice.”

Will Apple’s Tablet be as dynamic as the above video suggests? Will Deloitte be correct in predicting what some analysts are estimating could be “12-month sales from launch of over $1 billion”?  Only time will tell.  And that time has arrived.

What are your thoughts?  Are there other predictions here which you would have highlighted instead?  What about your own technology predictions?  We’d love to hear from you!