Vancouver’s First Technology School to Open This Summer

Vancouver’s first digital media and technology school will be opening its doors this summer.

Founded by a team of local tech professionals, RED Academy will offer a style of learning that emphasizes hands-on training by industry experts.

As Vancouver’s tech industry continues to grow, RED stakes the claim of being the city’s only post-secondary education facility that is solely dedicated to the digital realm.

“By 2019, there will be more than 15,500 tech jobs that need to be filled, and that’s just in Vancouver,” explains Colin Mansell, Managing Director of RED Academy. “There’s an incredible demand for skilled professionals, yet there are very few resources for people to receive in-depth education.”

“We wanted to create a place that not only teaches these essential skill sets, but also develops local talent,” he noted.

RED Academy will offer full-time and part-time programs that specialize in Coding Essentials, UX and Web Design, and Digital Marketing. Evening and weekend programs will be available. Branding, Graphic Design and Ecommerce courses will also be available.

“We also work closely with industry hiring partners to make sure that our programs are designed to create highly employable graduates that local companies are looking for right now,” Mansell said.

RED Academy, located on the corner of Broadway and Granville, is now accepting applicants for their summer programs.