TechStars’ Feld to do Beers in Vancouver

TechStars‘ Brad Feld announced today that he’ll be repeating his recent Beers and Boulder with Brad from Seattle in Vancouver next month. In Seattle, the event was organized by entrepreneurs Dave Schappell of TeachStreet and T.A. McCann of Gist. This time around it’s Danny Robinson of Bootup Labs serving as the local host.

While the event is meant to be informal and unstructured, Feld is sure to talk about entrepreneurship, local entrepreneurial communities, and the dynamics of startups.

Robinson has Beers penciled in for April 22nd at Steamworks in Gastown. Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

Update: A limited number of FREE tickets are now available online.

Update: The free pre-registration tickets are SOLD-OUT but Bootup Labs has set aside 10 free tickets for Techvibes readers – follow this link.