Techvibes Announces Its Most Legendary Contest Ever

Last year, Techvibes began a tradition of running an epic holiday-themed contest. In 2010, the Techvibes Advent Calendar was a month-long giftapalooza and a huge success, where happy readers went home with tablets, smartphones, and computers. This year, we’re stepping it up a notch.

Introducing the 12 Days of Xmas with Techvibes. We’ve axed our advent calendar in favour of a two-week blitz of pure awesomeness. We’ve got some amazing stuff to give away, including a massive 3D television, top-end smartphones, and… wait for it… an iPad 2!

But better prizes isn’t the only improvement we’ve made. Admittedly, our advent calendar was a little cumbersome; we made everyone enter 24 times if they wanted a chance to win all the prizes. Conversely, 12 Days of Xmas is an incredibly simple contest: Liking us on Facebook (and providing your contact information) is all that will be required for a chance to win each and every item.

The 12 Days of Xmas with Techvibes begins this Thursday, December 1st. Check back for the full list of prizes here or on our Facebook page.