Techvibes at E3: Day 2

Sony has had its share of troubles over the last year or so, ranging from sagging sales to being upstaged at last year’s E3 by Project Natal (now known as Kinect.) But you’d never know it at their press conference, which was a rousing two hours of whooping and cheering from the Sony faithful as they outlined their plans for the next year. But while there were a few surprises during the press conference, most notably the appearance of  a Portal 2 trailer and the resurgence of the classic Twisted Metal franchise, most of Sony’s presentation was dedicated to refinement of their announcements at previous E3s. 

 Sony’s Move motion controller was shown in great detail, with demonstrations of the “wand” at work in Sorcery, a game where you literally wave a magic wand to affect the environment. Many different movements, from drinking potions to besting enemies using spells can all be accomplished using Sony’s Move controller, which they stressed is the most accurate controller of its type. And at a $50 starting price, it’s also one of the most cheap. Sony also introduced PSN Plus, a for-charge layer on top of their already free Playstation Network service. Of particular interest to gamers north of the border, Sony will finally make their video content available to PSN users in Canada. 

 Sony also put a big emphasis on 3D gaming. The Playstation 3 is capable of pumping out 3D content with a simple firmware upgrade (and the purchase of a 3D TV), so the company was eager to show off 3D content like Killzone 3, which did have an impressive amount of bullets flying into the audience and guns seemingly being held in your own hands, once you donned the magic glasses. 

 While the new titles were impressive and the 3D content is pretty eye-popping, this was more of a “business as usual” conference for Sony. One hopes they’re saving the real surprises for the Xmas season.