Five Guest Articles You Should Read Now



Techvibes is proud to have some of Canada’s most prominent entrepreneurs and investors pen guest articles for us.

Below are the five most popular guest articles written in the first quarter of 2014.

1. Technology Has Redefined the Accounting Firm by Mike Pinkus

2. Multitasking Isn’t Possible—Stop Hurting Your Own Productivity by Attempting It by Ryan Weaver

3. Four Tech Trends Your Business Needs to Pay Attention to in 2014 by Ryan Lazanis

4. Five Universal Rules Every Entrepreneur Can Live By by Cameron Chell

5. An In-Depth Look into the Daily Grind of a Prominent Canadian Entrepreneur by Ghassan Halazon

Techvibes is seeking people with stories to tell—entrepreneurs, investors, and experts with insight into Canada’s startup scene—who want to share their experiences with a diverse and engaged audience. Guest writers reach thousands of readers across Canada, including prominent entrepreneurs and salient investors. It’s a great way to raise one’s profile and make valuable new connections.

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