Techvibes launches Paid Featured Listings

Yesterday Techvibes sent an email notification to all Techvibes user accounts that are responsible for company listings in the Company Directory in order to do some early spring cleaning. I know it’s not spring but it is a balmy 10 degrees celsius in Vancouver.

We asked users to update their company description, logo, and address if needed as well as make sure that their company is categorized correctly as as we have recently added a handful of new ones to better reflect technology in 2010.

In addition, Techvibes launched a new directory feature – Paid Featured Listings. Companies in our Directory are now able to purchase one of three featured listings that will appear at the top of each directory category for each city in our network.

As an example, have a look at the listings PEER 1 and have purchased for Web Hosting in Vancouver.

Paid Featured Listings are $99 for 3 months, $149 for 6 months, and $249 for 12 months – so we anticipate that many of the featured listings will be purchased quickly.

So, if you have a listing in the Techvibes Company Directory, log into your account now to make sure it is up-to-date and consider upgrading your FREE one.

If you don’t have a FREE listing in the Directory, what are you waiting for?