Techvibes speaks with Rob Manne of Rogers’ RedBoard

Rob Manne (@RogersRob) is a senior manager with the Rogers social media team. When he’s not on Twitter, Facebook and reading blogs, he’s usually found with his headphones on, or with his wife and redheaded daughter. Prior to joining Rogers, Rob managed social media and PR for leading high tech and consumer brands on the agency side.  

Rob recently took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions we had about the relativley new Rogers Communications blog: RedBoard. 

Why was RedBoard created?

People have a lot to say about their wireless, cable, Internet and home phone services. There’s a great opportunity for Rogers to be a part of these conversations. Rogers has been looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to do business with us, and better communications is one of them.

Twitter didn’t allow us to get into much detail around breaking news or in-depth questions from our customers. A blog allows us to discuss things directly with our customers.

In the six weeks since RedBoard launched, we’ve learned tons from our customers and are happy with the results.

What do you think so far? (That’s a question for you, our readers)

Who writes on RedBoard?

So far, we’ve had members of the social media team (Keith McArthur, myself, Richard Bloom and Miranda MacDonald) do the writing, but we’ll look to involve others where it makes sense. We’re thinking about having some guest posts someday too…

What is the policy of answering questions/comments? Are staff allowed to answer or does it have to be approved by yourself or another senior staff member?

In many cases, we’ve seen some commenters help one another with tips or answers. But since there are a lot of questions about specific policies, we make sure the answers come from people on our team. Behind us are dozens of Rogers subject media experts who provide information and details that we communicate.

If you have a question for Rob about RedBoard or Rogers Communications, please feel free to comment below.