Techvibes speaks with the Ontario Technology Corridor

Recently we have featured a number of articles on the work of the Ontario Technology Corridor.  The Ontario Technology Corridor includes the Greater Toronto area, Ottawa region, Waterloo region, city of London and Niagara region, and works in partnership with the province of Ontario’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade as well as the federal government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada to attract top level digital media companies to Ontario. The Ontario Technology Corridor offers one of the world’s best educated, motivated and stable workforces and currently employs nearly 272,000 people among 6,700 companies in Ontario.

We had the opportunity to ask Gerald Pisarzowski, Vice-President Business Development for the GTMA, if he could share some successes of the Ontario Technology Corridor’s efforts.  Here are his comments:  

Can you share some of the success that the Ontario Technology Corridor has recently had?

The Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance’s strategy of collaboration paid off with the announcement by Ubisoft to establish a new studio in the GTA. Ubisoft’s decision to invest in the GTA followed a sustained collaborative marketing effort by the Ontario Government and the GTMA through the Ontario Technology Corridor to present a compelling case that focused on the availability of a skilled labour force supported by a strong educational infrastructure with a long history of graduating talented and creative people in digital media.

An additional feature is the R&D that is carried out at many of our educational institutions like the University of Toronto that results in world class technology.  So its not surprising that in the last six years most films nominated for a special effects Oscars relied on technology developed in Ontario. 

Why is the Ontario Technology Corridor important?

For years many of our most skilled and talented young people have had to leave the GTA to establish their careers in the interactive digital media field. Investments like Ubisoft’s and the others that will follow not only help to keep our creative young people here, but they also make it possible for many of those who have left to return home to advance their careers.

The Ubisoft investment is a big win for the GTA as well as the Province and extends well beyond the economic impact resulting from the establishment of a new, advanced, dynamic knowledge based company in the region. Ubisoft’s commitment to this market will transform the GTA’s digital media cluster by creating a tipping point for other major players as they make expansion decisions and hunt for talent.