Presenting the Techvibes WDI Women on the Rise Scholarship

As the Marketing Manager at BrainStation and a woman working in the tech industry, I am particularly passionate about our Web Development Immersive scholarship, Women on the Rise, which looks to help bridge the gender gap in this exciting and growing field.

Before working at BrainStation, I thought coding was intimidating. However, from a combination of firsthand experience, and watching our female students excel week after week, it is clear that more and more women are proving the stereotype wrong. I’m incredibly proud to say that over half of our part-time Intro to Web Development course is comprised of female students, proving that women want to build their digital skills and are actively making efforts to do so.

With this in mind, we want to make our winter full-time Web Development Immersive program as accessible to women as possible, which is why we offer an automatic $500 off our course tuition. We also have an Early Bird Special of $500 off that we’ll be offering now through December 9, meaning if you apply now you’ll receive $1,000 off.

We are very excited to once again be partnering with Techvibes to offer our Women on the Rise Scholarship, a fully funded opportunity awarded to a woman who is driven to make their mark in the tech industry, valued at $8,000. We are now accepting applications and we encourage all those interested in pursuing a career in web development to apply!

So, what’s it like to immerse yourself in our 10 week intensive course? Just ask Linda, the winner of last year’s Women on the Rise scholarship. Linda was awarded a fully-funded spot in our fall program – this is what she has to say about her experience thus far.

“I came to BrainStation for guidance,” she explains. “After several weeks in the Web Development Immersive program, I know I made the right choice: an instructor, Rares Crisan, who cares that I’m learning at the pace that is right for me. Tutorial assistants, Ray and Jon, who know when to give me hints and when I need to challenge myself; During the AngularJS unit, they knew that I struggled learning a particular concept, called promises — and so many of us did! — so they found innovative ways to teach us and they all take great pride in our success.

Speakers from BrainStation’s parent company, Konrad Group, ranging from their CTO to Developers and Project Managers to User Experience Designers, talked to us about their roles and assured us that there is a place for us in the tech sector: our knowledge of code is the key in unlocking the future.

The one unexpected side-effect of being in this class is meeting people who I will now call friends and colleagues for life. We have bonded over finding solutions together and arguing over which idea is best to implement.

The class projects have us in real-world roles: Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, Project Manager and we have opportunities to change roles or stay in roles we want to explore. The project challenges give us a safe space to fail, but softly. When we do mess up, it’s a real learning experience.”

With the winter 2016 program kicking off January 11th for 10 weeks, now is the time to apply!

To apply to the Women on the Rise scholarship at BrainStation, interested applicants need to make an account and apply for the Web Development Immersive course on the BrainStation website. Be sure to mention that you heard about the scholarship from Techvibes.