Telecom By Design perfect for start-up community

tbdJulie Kaye is the name behind one of Toronto’s newest tech start-ups.  Telecom By Design (TBD) seems to be Canada’s first telecom company that creates services and products based on their customers needs and not the other way around.  Here’s some of my conversation with Julie:  

Does Canada need another telecom company? 

So here’s the deal, we are a telecom service provider for small & medium sized business in Toronto & surrounding GTA.

I know, doesn’t sound very exciting.  However, we totally think it is necessary.  We’re excited because it is the first time in history that a business is free to be as creative as they wish for their telecom needs. 

What services do you offer at TBD?

The type of telecom products & services we provide are Data Cabling, Telephone Systems, Hosted VoIP Telephone Systems and all things telecom related.  For example, clean up server room cabling, paging system installation, old wire removal, re-set a mailbox password, and all things telecom in between. 

So, who is TBD’s typical client?

Typically a company will use us when they are new, moving, renovating or expanding.

And we are so thrilled to be able to provide solutions that work for the small and medium businesses we service. Someone may come to us and say “we have an older system – can we still purchase equipment for it, what can we do with it?” No problem, we speak the language.

Or maybe their need is for a start-up solution – “we have 4 people working from home offices, but the business needs a central answering system and each person needs extensions – how do we do it?” And, we have a supplier in Finland. No problem.

Or maybe the company is larger, building a new office and they need a plan – a telecom plan which includes cabling, contracts & phone system & call centre.

We speak many telecom languages. Each manufacturer has different specs, codes, ways they do it.  But all follow the same rules and principles of telecom – we are trained, certified, experienced and this type of work is what we do. Sometimes, we call ourselves “translators” or “telecom translators” because we translate the need of the business into the language of telecom. 

Where do you see TBD in the near future?

What we are striving for is to continue our excellent service relationship and to grow into “the place” a business will turn to for business telecom service & advice. We have answered the call for service in an industry that touches everyone and we want to continue to earn the confidence of all businesses.  We are focused on our customers needs and experiences with Telecom. We achieve this through “live answer”, great vendor relations, fast appointment times, fast estimates, organized solution selling and fair pricing. We are local and we are here for the long haul.

How can people connect with you?

They can always email me at jkaye at telecombydesign dot ca or visit our website at

What are your thoughts on this service?  Please feel free to comment below.