Telefilm Western Outreach Tour

Telefilm Canada is going on tour this Spring and will be visiting key Western Region cities in search of emerging and established talent. Their goal is to meet with film and new media producers and hear about their new projects. Borrowing from the most successful film festival pitching sessions, 30-minute blocks will be scheduled from 10am to 5pm in each city and then they’ll wrap up with an informal wine-and-cheese reception. Earl Hong Tai (Western Region Director), John Dippong (Western Region Feature Film Director), Bill Hurst (Senior Content Analyst), and Monica Moore (Acting New Media Manager) will be conducting the pitching sessions across the West.

Our selection process is simple: 1. Submit a one-page PDF version of your synopsis via email to Julianne Lockhart two weeks before we arrive in your city. a. Please specify which funding program you feel your project is best suited to (i.e. Canada New Media Fund, Canada Feature Film Fund, etc); b. Include a line or two on the budget you expect to have associated with your project; and c. Include any co-production or co-venture partners. 2. A Telefilm representative will call you to confirm your pitching time, venue, and provide details about the reception. 3. RSVP for reception by email.

If you’re interested in the Canada New Media Fund, you need to express interest with a one-pager by March 19th in anticipation of Telefilm visiting your local partner in early April. Dates and pitching venues for Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Kelowna, and Victoria will be announced on the Telefilm site as soon as they are finalized.