Telus Acquires Enode to Bolster Security Solution Team

Telus has acquired Quebec City-based security IT firm Enode.

Telus says the acquisition will enhance its security solution’s end-to-end provision of IT security for businesses in Quebec and across Canada “while also protecting its customers’ digital data from security threats.”

“Telus has been a major partner of Enode for many years, collaborating in the success of several major projects in Quebec,” said Martin Berthiaume, president and CEO of Enode. “We are delighted to take our long-standing partnership a step further and join this well-regarded national team, which shares our passion for innovation as well as our commitment to excellence, our customer-focused approach, and the creation of real value for the businesses we serve.”

In 2012, Telus kicked off a new strategy focused on IT, specifically through an investment of $150 million for the construction of Intelligent Internet Data Centres in Rimouski and Kamloops.

Enode’s team will join the 180-strong Telus Security Solutions team.