Telus and Bell Rumoured To Make Inevitable Leap to GSM

Via Wirelessnorth, come rumors that Bell and Telus will be switching to a GSM network from their current CDMA networks. While these are rumors with no cited source, it’s also a move that has been a probable for some time now. CDMA is, in an international context, an outdated technology. Many new smartphones are GSM-only, and this situation allowed Rogers/Fido to have a monopoly-backed cakewalk launching the iPhone in Canada. To stay competitive, this upgrade was inevitable for Bell and Telus, either sooner to GSM, or later to “4G”. It’s good to see some rumors that we might start seeing real competition in Canada’s wireless industry… in a few years. It was a little over a year ago that considerations of a Telus-Bell merger were floating headlines. This move does make the current Canadian spectrum auction more interesting, though it’s still dominated by the “big three” (or the one cartel, depending on your cynicism). Fun Fact: Rogers believes that the radio waves, vibrating through your head right now, are worth in upwards of $997M. In the meantime, I have to find a tux for the wedding; Rogers and I are getting married for three years, didn’t you hear?