TELUS Announces Possible iPhone Pricing Plans

TELUS today announced that on November 5th, it will be launching new clear and simple pricing plans with no System Access Fees or carrier 911 fees. This includes a revamp of their current plans to make a ‘what you see is what you get’ appeal and will be available to both business and consumer wireless rate plans (including Mike and Mobile High Speed).

Current customers will have the option to stay with the plan they are already on or switch to the new clear plans after November 5th. It’s not the plans themselves that are changing, but the pricing model, and by taking away the extra fees, a current $25 plan will actually cost less more than the new clear $30 plan. TELUS says they recognize that plans and pricing can be confusing for the consumer and want to introduce pricing transparency to adhere to the needs and wants of their consumers.

Visit TELUS for more information.