Telus Says It Has Implemented ‘All Necessary Requirements’ of CRTC’s Wireless Code of Conduct

Telus says that by the end of November it will have implemented all necessary requirements of the CRTC’s Wireless Code of Conduct.

The Code, which comes into effect on December 2, establishes a common set of rights for all wireless consumers in Canada. Telus says that it supports the Code, and “in fact has been the leader in adopting many of these customer-friendly provisions long before the Code was drafted.”

“By listening to our customers and using their feedback to make substantive changes, Telus has earned the best national customer loyalty in our industry by far,” says David Fuller, Telus’ chief marketing officer. “With our postpaid wireless churn falling below 1% last quarter, and a 27% year-over-year decline in customer complaints according to the most recent CCTS report, Telus is clearly leading the way in delivering a differentiated customer experience.”

“We are very proud to have pioneered many of the Code’s central ideas and we remain committed to finding new ways to ensure we continue to put customers first,” Fuller added.

To fully align with the Wireless Code of Conduct, Telus says that it has made several modifications to its policies and procedures: for example, by the end of November, the Vancouver-based telco will have implemented domestic and international data blocks and notifications at $50 and $100 respectively to help customers control their data usage.