Telus cuts managers to lower costs

Vancouver-based Telus Corp. announced yesterday that they laid off about 100 senior managers in an effort to reduce costs in declining areas of its business and make more money available for growth elsewhere. About a third of those affected – most of them directors or vice-presidents – have been given the opportunity to stay with the company in a new position, Telus spokesman Shawn Hall said in an interview.

“And where that’s not possible we’re offering generous departure packages,” Hall said. The managers were given the news Wednesday and Thursday and no further layoffs are expected in the immediate future, Hall said. Hall said the cuts were primarily in declining areas of the telecommunications business, notably home phone service. And the savings will be used in growth areas, like data, wireless, and rolling out Telus TV, he said.

The writing may have been on the wall for some. Telus forewarned of layoffs in November when they announced that they were increasing their spending on efficiency programs (which includes severance payments) from $30 million to $50 million.

Telus employs about 36,000 people across the country.