TELUS Health Acquires Electronic Prescription Technology

TELUS Health is adding important new functionality to its existing health technology portfolio through its acquisition of an interest in the underlying technology of the ZRx Prescriber from Quebec-based ZoomMed.

ZRx Prescriber is a web-based prescriber that allows physicians to use a mobile device to quickly and accurately write and deliver prescriptions for patients while accessing the patient’s insurance coverage information directly at the moment of prescription.

With the acquisition of ZoomMed’s ZRx prescriber, TELUS Health will become the first Canadian healthcare technology company to offer insurance coverage validation nationally at the moment of prescription.

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This technology will provide physicians across Canada instant access to patients’ insurance coverage information, allowing them to prescribe within the patient’s plan parameters when possible, speeding up the insurance claim and improving the patient’s experience during the dispensing process.

The ZRx prescriber is currently used by 520 medical clinics in Quebec and Ontario to process 400,000 new drug prescriptions monthly. TELUS Health plans to gradually integrate the advanced capabilities of the ZRx Prescriber functionality into EMRs used by more than 13,000 physicians across Canada.