Telus Launches ‘Canada Play Fair’ Campaign

Following the “Fair for Canada” campaign jointly launched by Rogers, Telus, and Bell, Vancouver-based Telus has launched a similar but separate campaign called “Canada Play Fair.”

Canada Play Fair serves much the same purpose as Fair for Canada, imploring Canadians to learn more about how a US giant like Verizon entering Canada’s wireless market could impact the sector and affect consumers.

The site includes a petition which addresses The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry, to ensure the Canadian wireless market remains fair and balanced.” Here’s how Telus proposes this is accomplished in three steps:

1. Ensure that any foreign entrant, such as Verizon, be required to build its own network in both rural and urban communities and that they cannot piggyback on the networks Telus has invested billions to build.

2. Level the playing field so Telus has the same access to spectrum in the upcoming auction as foreign carriers. As it stands, Verizon would be allowed to buy two prime blocks of spectrum while TELUS could only buy one.

3. Level the playing field so Telus can compete equally with foreign entities when looking to acquire a wireless company in Canada.

The campaign also highlights third-party articles and tweets that lean in favour of Telus’ stance on the matter.

“I want to be clear that at Telus, we invite competition—from within Canada, the US, or anywhere else,” writes Andrea Goertz, Senior Vice-President, Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer. However, she adds, “you can’t possibly have true competition if everyone isn’t playing by the same rules.”