Telus Launches ‘Travel Tracker’ to Monitor Roaming Data Usage in Real-time

Telus has launched a new service that allows its eight million subscribers to closely monitor data usage when roaming outside of Canada.

It’s the first time Canadian wireless customers of the Vancouver-based telecommunications giant will not need to play a guessing game with their data usage while roaming, which has historically been the common cause of “bill shock,” triggered by unexpectedly high overage charges when consumers lose track of things during travel.

The Telus “Travel Tracker” is a web portal accessibly from any 4G device. The tracker monitors data usage in real-time, automatically calculating roaming costs.

In September Telus, along with Bell and Rogers, slashed roaming rates by roughly 50%, thanks to continued pressure from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

The Travel Tracker can be access here when roaming.