Telus Leads an Army of Television Providers to Wage War Against Bell

Telus isn’t too pleased with Bell’s recent $3-billion acquisition of Astral Media, among other issues. And neither are a smattering of smaller cable companies across Canada.

Telus is leading an army of unhappy television providers. The Vancouver-based telco is spearheading a campaign to resolve “ongoing conflicts” that have been building for over a year. 

Telus and co. are petitioning the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to arbitrate through an “impasse” between the parties. Cogeco, MTS Allstream, and EastLink are all blasting Bell for “anti-competitive” behaviour.

Telus describes Bell as “enormous and enormously powerful” and implies that the company will raise prices, hurting both smaller providers and consumers, should its monopoly continue to build. The Astral bid merely amplifies these bubbling concerns.

Photo: Windsor Star