Hot on Heels of Bell, Telus Significantly Lowers Roaming Rates

Earlier this month major Canadian telecommunications company Bell lowered the prices of its roaming packages by 50%.

Now Telus is doing the same, significantly slashing the prices of its US roaming packages.

For $25, Telus customers can now get 50 minutes of talk, 50 megabytes of data, and 150 outgoing texts in the US. A $45 plan triples the minutes and data and offers unlimited texting. Check out all of Telus’ cheaper roaming packages here.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is cracking down on Canadian telcos’ exorbitant roaming fees, though the Big Three prefer to cite “listening to customers” as the primary reason for lowering rates as opposed to the CRTC’s efforts.

Up to 18 million Canadians cross the US border per year and spend a staggering $800 million annually in roaming fees, according to the CRTC.

“It was very clear that Canadians are unhappy with how much it costs to use their phones a lot when they travel abroad,” Bell president Wade Oosterman stated obviously this month.

Telus’ pay-per-use “everyday low rates” remain high, however, charging users $5 for a single megabyte of data in the US and 60 cents for a text message.