What’s the First Thing Telus Does After Buying Public Mobile? Lowers Data and Raises Prices

In a move that should surprise few, Public Mobile’s plan prices are due to rise following its acquisition by Telus.

The Vancouver-based telecommunications company immediately removed Public’s unlimited data plans last month, and now it’s jacking up the prices of the discount carrier’s new plans, which offer up to 2GB of data monthly. Telus successfully acquired Public Mobile late last year after attempts to acquire Mobilicity were rejected by the Canadian government.

According to a leak from Mobile Syrup, Public’s plans will go up by $10, but will be on “sale” for $5 (effectively $5 up from current pricing). $40 will get subscribers Canada-wide talk and text plus 1GB of data, while the biggest plan ($60) will offer unlimited North American talk and text plus 2GB of data.


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The deals are only slightly better value than Koodo, but much worse than Wind Mobile, an independent discount carrier, who offers North American talk and text plus unlimited data for just $40 per month.

Public Mobile’s new rates are slated to go into effect this Wednesday, March 19, according to MS.