Telus Receives 100,000 Requests for Customer Data from Government and Law in 2013

Telus has revealed that in 2013 alone it received more than 100,000 requests for customer data from the government and law enforcement agencies.

The Canadian telco’s voluntary report, released this week because “people are curious” following events such as Edward Snowden’s National Security Agency revelations, shows that most requests were made without a warrant. Just one in 24 were made via court order.

Telus says that among the court-ordered cases, it did not provide full information to 40%, either due to a lack of data or because of questionable legal necessity.

“In many cases, Telus challenged an order on the ground that it was either defective or overreaching,” the report reads. “Telus will challenge any court order that we believe goes beyond what a judge is authorized to order under applicable legislation, such as the Criminal Code.”

The Vancouver-based company has 7.9 million wireless customers, 3.2 million landline customers, and 1.4 million home internet customers in Canada.