Telus sends agents home to work

The Vancouver Sun’s Gillian Shaw sat down recently with Vancouver Entrepreneur Stephen Jagger to chat about the benefits of launching a digital office. Considering today’s economy, there is no doubt this topic will be of particular interest to both startups and established businesses.

It’s not an option being looked at only by tech companies and nimble startups. Even such traditional operations as Telus are sending employees home from office cubicles and call centres to save money on real estate, improve employees’ working conditions and shrink the company’s environmental footprint.

Telus now has 750 agents working at home, with that number to climb to 1,100 by the end of this year.

Entrepreneur Steve Jagger recently told members of the Vancouver chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization how his companies, and, trimmed down from spacious Yaletown digs at some $7,500 a month to virtual offices spread across Canada and overseas.

The article is worth a read to learn more about Jagger’s Top 10 tools for the virtual office which include Yammer, Slim Timer, and, of course, Twitter.