Telus tells LGBTQ teens that It Gets Better

LGBTQ Telus employees are sharing their own personal experiences of growing up gay and dealing with homophobia as part of the “It Gets Better” campaign.

It Gets Better is an online series of videos started by sex columnist Dan Savage in response to the rash of LGBTQ youth committing suicide this year because of harassment from their peers. Celebrities, politicians and organizations have all been posting these videos aimed at young people to tell them that the bullying they experience as youth doesn’t carry into their adult lives — and that they can go on to lead rich, fulfilling lives like anyone else.

In a press release, Telus explained that, “As far as we know, TELUS is among the first Canadian corporations to get involved in the It Gets Better Movement — if not the very first.” They also highlighted that they have given over $17,500 to Out in Schools, a B.C. organization that educates high school students about diversity and homophobia.

Telus’ contribution to It Gets Better is posted below: