TELUS to Offer Free Wi-Fi in Yellow Cab’s Vancouver Fleet

TELUS and Yellow Cab have launched an initiative that will connect every taxi in Yellow Cab’s Vancouver fleet and provide users with free Wi-Fi.

This unique program will be the first time free Wi-Fi is offered in taxis anywhere in Canada.

“There’s no doubt about it, Vancouverites love to stay connected,” said Anne-Marie LaBerge, TELUS vice president, brand and marketing communications.

“Vancouver is TELUS’ hometown and we believe that offering free Wi-Fi in taxis is a great way to offer added value to our customers and neighbours.”

The announcement follows the City of Vancouver’s recent announcement, which named TELUS as the supplier of free public Wi-Fi to 43 locations throughout the city.

In the coming weeks, Vancouverites will notice Yellow Cab’s 350 taxis driving around the city with the TELUS logo on them, indicating free Wi-Fi inside. The Wi-Fi will be free to users regardless of their mobile or Internet provider; no passwords are required and no personal information will be collected.

Users will simply be greeted by a splash page asking them to click yes to join the free Wi-Fi network and they will be instantly connected. Once users have left the taxi, they’ll seamlessly transition back onto their smartphone’s mobile data plan.

The Wi-Fi service in taxis will be powered by the TELUS network and technology from Vancouver-based Colony Networks – a solution TELUS offers in its Internet of Things Marketplace.

The program is planned for one year and may be extended further if the program is successful.